My Top 5 favorite hair styles from curlfest 2017

Posted by Paige Gilliland on

These hairstyles will give you LIFE!!!
You can see my top 5 favorite hairstyles from Curl Fest 2017 below!!!
When i think about switching up my hair it allows me to step outside of the box. Some other benefits of being able to switch up your hair when you want to with natural hair is it allows your hair to breath when you want to take a break from the weave. Side note: Don't get me wrong I love my beautiful women with weave but you can always take a break and then put it back in. Another benefit is it allows you to express yourself, your culture and tailor it to your outfit of the day!
For more styles from the Curl Fest 2017 you can copy and paste the link below
Photo Credit: Hannan Selah -

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