4 Tips On How To Restore Your Natural Hair Pattern After It's Been Damaged

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4 Tips On How To Restore Your Natural Curl Pattern After It's been Damaged

Let me tell you when I say my hair was so beautiful as a little girl it was Gorgeous!!! As I grew older, I started to put all of these chemicals, perms, heat, coloring my hair with dye and the list goes on. My point is after all of that my beautiful curls I was just talking about where almost gone :-( So here are a few tips that I feel helped me restore my curl pattern.

Stay away from the heat.
Blow drying and flat ironing your hair takes away the water that is bound to the hair that gives it the hydration it needs, and this is called "flash drying." This will cause your hair to break off and start to feel more brittle.

Deep condition your hair weekly
Before I started to deep condition my hair, I did my research. I looked up different ways to deep condition my hair and the coconut oil and egg treatment stuck out the most to me, and it has been working!!! So here is what you do :-)

  • Fill up a bowl of hot water.
  • Put a glass cup inside of the bowl of hot water. 
  • Add roughly two tablespoons to the glass, give or take depending on how much hair you have. 
  • Let the coconut oil melt. DO NOT put it in the microwave it will strip away some of the nutrients that are in the coconut oil. 
  • Add one egg to the oil in the cup and whisk together with a fork until it is all the way mixed together. 
  • Apply to the hair and comb through hair over the sink to avoid any extra mess.
  • Put hair in a plastic sack and leave in for 30 minutes at the minimum.
  • Rinse and wash hair in the shower. 

Train your hair

Yes Girl Yasssss you can train your hair to help speed up the process!!! All you do is finger coil your hair. Here is how it works ----> after you wash your hair all you do is part your hair starting at the bottom so that you can take pieces of hair and twist them with your finger all the way to the bottom. Just REPEAT until you have twisted all of your hair. You can let your hair air dry or just blow dry it on the COLD setting. NO HEAT.



Patience and Consistency

Just like everything else, it can not be done OVERNIGHT it takes time!!!

Love ya'll there are more blogs to come! Yayyyyy!!!
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